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Did you know that solving Sudoku Daily improves your IQ? Whether you are an avid player or just a beginner, this application is definitely for you. This app has multiple difficulty levels and a highly customizable user interface, which will keep you entertained for hours. Download this app today and you will never look for another game to entertain you.Features of the app
The free Sudoku puzzles can be either played on portrait or landscape mode depending on if your left handed or right handed with immense ease and comfort.There is an redo / undo option available On the game, which compensates for the pencil.It saves statistics of the game and automatically saves your progress.
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After you play the Sudoku, puzzle app it will not come as a surprise when you find that it is become extremely difficult to part with the phone. This addictive app will give you the exquisite feeling of excitement after you successfully complete a puzzle and will make you lose all track of time. Moreover playing Sudoku on this brilliant app is an ideal way to pass your time. So whip out your phone and play this addictive brain racking game when you waiting in line for the bus or are standing in the line of a grocery store. Did you know that the American Alzheimer's Association has highly endorsed Sudoku as an efficient brain game that can actually help to reduce the chances of getting Alzheimer's disease? Play it to keep your brain healthy. There is hardly any better brain power booster game out there.
Fun for all ages
Children adults as well as senior citizens can enjoy this 9x9-grid game. Now with the app's You Can Benefit Excluded were sitting in your home and needs a sudoku puzzle game s were playing in your portable device.